Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A technology that helps?

Technology can obviously help improving the quality of education. As future teachers, it is quite important to know how to use it in a correct fashion. Indeed, as a student, I often like to go on my teachers' website to get the information on homework or research projects. Moreover, when I have a question, I like it when they know how to use their email address.

However, I am very sceptical considering Video #2 that is posted on Mark's blog. Briefly, it claims that teachers should use technology as often as possible. For example, they could send quizzes on their students' cell phone. This is ri-di-cu-lous. Does anybody have a sense of equal opportunity in there? The authors of this video seem to assume that students are all rich while it is clearly not the case. Some people work very hard in order to send their children to school. If they have to buy them a cell phone on top of this, they should quickly sell their soul to Satan because they will need money.

As I said before, I like it when my teachers use technology to leverage education. However, there are some limits to it. This limit is very obvious to me: 1 - supportive technologies must not bring any additional cost to tuition fees and 2 - such technologies must be available at school such that it is not necessary to buy it. If these two conditions are not met, technology widens the separation between rich and poor people.

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Frank Cadorette said...

I totally agree with you Pierre-Luc.

In fact, there are only a few in high school who actually have a cellphone.